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Pitching Evaluations are HERE!

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"This is AWESOME!!!  We love meeting with you in person for so many reasons but the main one would be that your physical and able to demonstrate what you're trying to point out or get us to understand.  This makes us feel like we are at a session with you!"

Erica D.

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Dr. Ashley Brignac Domec


"The Pitching Doctor"

Hello! My name is Ashley and I am a Louisiana girl who has pursued everything in life at a high level. 


I graduated top of my class in high school, college, and doctorate program and was named Academic All-American POY in 2011 and 2012. 

An honorary Hall of fame athlete, a member of the USA Junior Olympic Softball team in 2007,  and an All Star collegiate pitcher for the softball team the Ragin’ Cajuns, where I was recently inducted into the University of Louisiana Athletics Hall of Fame and Greater New Orleans Hall of Fame.

I am a mother of 2, Doctor of Chiropractic, business owner, Gold medalist, and a high level athlete (well, in my younger days anyways). 

My accolades will speak for themselves but my heart, passion, and knowledge are what make me unique.


I strive to help that girl who needs specialized training in combination with the right tools and the right healthcare, all from someone who has walked in her shoes and can understand softball in a way most others can't.  I want to help you!  Let's get started and see how I can help.

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Train with

The Pitching Doctor

If you think you have what it takes to excel, than you are invited to join me at The Pitching Doctor.


I have been developing sports players into athletes since 2007, with training options that cater to all levels.


Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to become a professional, my lessons, clinics, and healthcare may just be the perfect fit for you.

Work Together

How we can


Virtual Lessons

We are expanding our reach by offering virtual lessons to you.  These are 30 minutes and will be a power packed session.


Mini Camps/Clinics

This is available for any team or organization who want me to come to them directly.  We will give your group a crash course over a couple of hours to improve their skills.


Pitching Evaluations

This is our bread and butter.  We want to be a tool for you to use without replacing your current coaches.  These detailed evaluations will give you another look at your pitching skills, advance your techniques, and improve your game on and off the field.  

USA Softball pitching

Launch is Here!

Holistic Softball Evaluation

This includes:

* Pitching technique evaluation

*Monthly virtual coaching

* Postural and body movement analysis

* Nutritional supplement counseling

*Access to discounts to top of the line therapy items

*Pitcher specific and shoulder specific exercise workouts

*Pitching plans for accuracy, power, movement pitches, etc

*Injury consultations and examinations

*Access to a private Softball pitching Facebook group

COMING SOON: Biomechanic Evaluation using high speed cameras and cutting-edge technology

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