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Chiropractic at it's Finest

Is a Chiropractor a Doctor? Yes, a Chiropractor who has trained specifically for musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders and dysfunctions, as well as an expert in biomechanics of movements. Some Chiropractors specialize in various areas, such as peds, pregnancies, athletics, nerve disorders, or even internal issues, but all Chiropractors treat the body.

Adjustments are a form of treatment that produces movement in a restricted joint. Restricted joints are points in the body (spine, extremities, etc) that aren’t moving as well as it should be.

  • Having tightness in your neck while looking side to side

  • Twisting your back and feeling one side move more than another

  • Tightness in the midback

  • Having a ‘hitch’ in your movement pattern

  • Pain/tightness in your ankle or hip while squatting

  • Waking up with tightness after sleeping

  • Working on a computer and having achiness in the shoulder blade

  • Feeling pressure in your body

  • Having headaches, especially at the end of the day

  • Knuckles or wrist feeling tight

  • Decreased improvement or quality of activities

  • Made a wrong step coming down the stairs

  • Feeling like your body needs to ‘pop’

All of these (and more) are ways your body is telling you that it can’t move like it needs to be.

Are Adjustments safe? Yes, even babies get adjusted. Of course adjustments look different than adult treatment, but newborns to elderly are capable of receiving adjustments.

What else do Chiropractors do? We are trained in various forms of soft tissue treatment and other holistic versions of healthcare.

Why see a Chiropractor? We see solutions in a gray area and not one hammer for one nail. We think creatively and having many tools in our toolbox. No one treatment is perfect for everyone. No one condition responds the same. No one patient has the same problem. We get to spend our time with each patient and have the ability to improve someone’s quality of life without the use of medications or surgery.

Do Chiropractors work? Come check us out and find out.

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