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What to wear to a Chiropractic visit

What should I wear? This a common question throughout our day: what should I wear to the restaurant, to the store, to the event, to the ballpark, or on the date. One question you probably don’t think about as much is “ What to wear when going to a Chiropractor?”

I know, I know. Who would have thought? Why does this matter? Is this really a thing? Why yes, yes it is. Good news though, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you wear, as we have ways to work with anything, but it can make it easier to follow the points below for a better experience. You can also dress specific for your area of complaint (shoulder, knee, etc.).

Let’s get started:

  1. If you are coming in for low back pain, avoid wearing a dress. If we want to do specific muscle work on your back, we would need an easy access point to that area. Wearing leggings or wearing a skirt and shirt could be good options.

  2. If you want Dry Needling, make sure the area we will perform that treatment has easy access. For example, if you have tight traps/shoulders and want dry needling, it would not be ideal to wear a turtleneck. What about knees? Don’t wear tight jeans.

  3. Low back pain? Maybe avoid the one piece suits. I would also avoid those tight jeans that feel like they may rip with too much bending.

  4. Coming from work: try bringing a pair of shorts with you to your visit (for low back, lower leg pains).

  5. Asked yourself this question before: Do I need to wear a bra to the chiropractor? Well, let's answer this question with some bra tips. When working mid back or trap pain, sports bras are actually not as nice to work with, compared to regular bras. Also, you have the freedom to choose whether you wear a bra or not, but make sure you wear the right type of shirt.

  6. Quick tips to avoid: ties, layers, dresses, skirts, and tight clothing.

  7. Leave the jewelry at home- we wouldn't want your favorite necklace or memorable earrings to get lost or broken during treatment.

Let’s talk the perfect chiropractic attire:

  1. Open back or buttoned up back shirt- it’s a beautiful thing. Maybe I should start a chiropractic wear line?

  2. If having shoulder pain, wearing a tank top or open shoulder type of shirts work perfect!

  3. Dry Needling of the traps, wide neck line shirt.

  4. Knee pain: shorts or flowy pants

  5. Leg pain: shorts or flowy pants

  6. Just remember: the more flowy or athletic, usually the better. Wherever you want treatment, make sure its easily accessible.

But don’t worry, if you are considering cancelling your appointment or making an unnecessary trip to your home because of the clothes you are wearing, DO NOT! Come on in. We can make whatever your wearing work, and if not, we have gowns!

Blog inspired by Patient D.

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