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Products We Recommend

Here are a list of products that we think might be helpful for recovery or preventative maintenance.

Featured Products

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Helpful Products & Supplements

Everything from exercise and maintenance to heath and wellness. All the products you could need all in one place! 

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Nutrilite Vitamins & Supplements

If you enjoy improving your health with all natural products, you are in the right place! Check out our favorite items.

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Specialized Sports Equipment & Nutrition

Products to help with your technique, strength training, and overall nutritional health in your softball journey.

Hypervolt Products

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Foam & Vibrating Rollers

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Heated Message Devices

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Massage Balls

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Relieving Massagers

To view all Hypervolt products please visit their website. Contact us today or fill out the form below for special pricing!

To order Hypervolt products please contact our office or fill out the Google form above.


Nutrilite Products


Nutrilite™ Multivitamin

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XS™ CBD Pro Cream

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Sleep Gummies

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Nutrilite™ Joint Health

View all products here.


All recommended products and supplements have been hand selected by Dr. Ashley Domec and are sure to provide you with support and relief. View, review and purchase these doctor approved products directly from Amazon, Amway, or by contacting our office.

We are an affiliate with and may receive a small percent from your purchase, with no additional cost to you.


Although Amazon will reward us for supporting and promoting certain products, we only recommend products that we have fully researched and that we know will help you in your chiropractic and/or softball journey.

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